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4 min readDec 25, 2023
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Putting everyone else first and then drinking to drown out constant stress, martyrdom, or resentment was quite a shitty little merry-go-round I rode for over a decade.

Some years ago, I shifted down a gear into radical, wholesome self-nourishment for the very reasons above.

As a mentor for women, I’ve come to realise many women overcompensate, potentially out of fear, but women are not supposed to be running around like headless *chucks! (*Australian term for chicken).

If you are feeling this way, I get you, and sometimes it’s just a sign you haven’t sat down for a minute and done the exercise I will share here. Some women don’t think they are worthy of treats, relaxation, and self-investment. (Where did that idea come from?!) At some point, you have to figure out a new, better way of being, before your mind, body, or spirit breaks.

It is not ‘a woman’s job’ to take care of everything and everyone without a single thought for their own needs. (even though an Australian male work colleague said this to me once, plain as day!)

It’s not sustainable, and it is a sign your perspective on this could be off-balance. Did you grow up seeing women around you run themselves into the ground? I know I did, and so I had to create and learn a different way of being.

With the focus on taking care of myself, I’m much happier, and I’ve never looked back. If you’re short on ideas — here are some categories and ideas I use daily. Taking this new step allows you to heal, regain perspective, and make better choices, which has a constant positive ripple effect in all areas of your life.

Of course, it’s your life, so continue being a headless chuck, if it’s going great…

Personally, if I don’t keep up with nurturing myself, I become snappy, overwhelmed, and resentful. With a full tank of happy-inducing (legal-I-promise!) mindful and purposeful self-nurturing, I can conquer any task at work, any family issue, illness, or setback, and feel capable of any goal I choose.

10 Minute Exercise

For your New Year / New You, if it’s of interest, write down five things per category YOU can regularly do to keep you feeling on top of the world.

As a female recovering from trauma, whose personality type struggles with relationships, these activities saved me from going under many times over.

Here are the categories and examples of what I do under each category for inspiration. What you choose must be meaningful, achievable, and personal to you.

Social / Girl Time

Ideas: Start a female-only meetup; do a course that has or attracts a high percentage of women; spa days, art classes, group fitness classes. For me, being around other women is a critical part of my self-care. At work it’s very male-centric, so I need to be around women to enjoy their soft energy, and communication style. As John Gray explains — it enhances your own feminine energy to be around women. (And P.S. Men’s best-bet self-care is to socialise with other men — so let them!)

Creative Expression

Ideas: Baking, gardening, home organisation, sculpture, one of my clients runs an Etsy store and creates all her own hilarious mugs/t-shirts, blogging, vlogging — what you can try out is endless.


Ideas: Study something if it’s a passion. Learning anything is great self-care and provides other options for how to make a small bit of income for yourself, as whatever you study, you can teach.


Ideas: Meditation, Tai Chi, Fasting, Animal care, child care, prayer, daily walks in nature, helping others.


Ideas: Naps, Baths (I like epsom salt baths as I’m an empath), gardens, lakes, nature, swimming, fave shows, alone time.


Ideas: Gym, hiking, running, cycling, kayaking, eating healthy, super juices, seeking specialist doctors where needed, regular check-ups, dentist, podiatry, acupuncture, massages, and meal-prepping at the weekends for healthy food all the coming week.


Ideas: Haircare, Skincare, Mani/Pedi’s, Spa treatments, make-up, body dry brushing.


Ideas: Reading non-fiction; I like following or reading relationship coaches, life coaches, psychology materials, art, photography, design, and software.

Got 10 More Minutes?

Next, schedule the things on your list into your calendar, sign up, book things in, and then Rejoice as you transform your life into something spectacular!

Thank you so much for reading. If you enjoyed this gem of insight, clap and clap some more, comment, and subscribe so you don’t miss a thing.


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