From Panic to Prosperity: Mastering the Abundance Mindset

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4 min readDec 29, 2023
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We’ve all been there — consumed by fear, panic, and anxiety about not having or being enough. The scarcity mindset tells us we’re running out of time, money is tight, relationships are slipping away.

Feeling stuck, stressed, or hopeless has been a global pandemic of its own.

The scary truth is, that we can easily manifest the very scarcity we dread. Remember the toilet paper panic during COVID? People feared running out, so they hoarded…and stores really did run out because of that fear-driven behavior. Our focused fears can become self-fulfilling prophecies.

What you focus on increases. (good or bad).
It manifests itself.

“A mindset of courage and optimism creates abundance.
A mindset of fear creates scarcity and inertia”.

Imagine you came up with a negative outcome you predicted for your life or relationship; you start behaving like it’s bound to happen. You look for evidence and find stuff that could be proof, but not really. Finally, things around you start to support your storyline. Your friend says something similar to the myth, then the partner seems more secretive lately, meaner, and so on. You build more and more evidence until a complete myth feels like reality.

This dangerous effect is demonstrated again in the popular Netflix show: Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel, a documentary that investigates the mysterious death of Elisa Lam. Many internet sleuths tried to investigate the death based on short video of her released to the public. The ‘sleuths’ drew all kinds of wild conclusions from the video of her in an elevator — seemingly talking to someone off-screen. They accused people who may have been at the hotel at the time of her murder (ruining some people’s lives). But (spoiler alert), in the end, her mental illness and not taking her meds, caused her unusual behavior and subsequent death. The fear of a murderer on the loose was a complete myth, but many people wasted years chasing their fantastical theories.

An Abundance Experiment

There is another path, one with cobblestones of courage, optimism, and abundance. When we release the fears, we create space for gratitude, possibilities, and limitless growth.

So let me invite you to a little experiment. The next time anxious thoughts of “not enough” start creeping in, try this:

  • Make a gratitude list of all the good you have going on right now
  • Ask yourself “Am I truly in danger in this present moment?”
  • Recall a previous fear you overcame to remind yourself of your resilience
  • Question whether your current fear is realistic or overblown

I’m willing to bet that as you make this mental pivot, you’ll feel a lightness and sense of freedom wash over you. New possibilities will emerge. You’ll realize that a life of abundance — of true joy and fulfilment — has been within your grasp all along. The more you practice this pivot — the more automatic it becomes.

Each of us has the power to point our mindset in an abundant direction through self-nourishment, questioning irrational fears, and looking for the good. It’s almost like wielding a magic wand!

Then let me know — did your perspective shift? Did new possibilities start appearing? I’m confident that when we make this mental pivot, we open up to far more joy, freedom and fulfillment.

Because the truth is, a mindset of abundance creates a life of abundance. What will you choose to focus on and grow today?“

My Affirmations today are:

  • Meeting a life partner is a bonus, in the meantime, I will make sure my life is full and happy”.
  • “I have so many options! If this doesn’t work out, onto the next.”
  • “There is so much money in the world. All I have to do is make it and grow/invest what I make.”
  • “There are so many jobs out there; is this one right for me, or should I explore other opportunities? I could review my core values and see what else might be a fit for my true self.”

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