From Panic to Prosperity: Mastering the Abundance Mindset

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5 min readDec 29, 2023
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A scarcity mindset runs on fear.
Fear creates panic, anxiety, and more fear.
It feels like being stuck.

I recall my running 1980's cassette tape of thoughts used to sound a bit like this, and like cassette tapes, came unraveled and ruined my playlist:

  • “I’m running out of time to meet a great life partner.”
  • “If this doesn’t work, I’m screwed!”
  • “Money is tight. I better tighten the belt even more.”
  • “What if I lose my job?”
  • “He/she will leave me anyway, so I may as well hold back my heart”.
Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash

Notice the word scarcity has the word scared within it? I used to think this way and it made me feel super stressed, hot, clammy and out-of-my-mind with worry.

I guess being fearful creates a smaller world for yourself. When I feel scared of life I don’t deviate much from my everyday routines. Hence I create a narrow, reduced experience of what life can offer in breadth and depth.

In recent times, I remember how fear caught us out across the world:

Toilet paper. Yeah, the stuff that people panic-bought during all those COVID lockdowns. Quite a few people thought it would run out because they based their decision on fear. Did you notice that the resulting behavior perpetuated the fear into a living reality?
We DID run out (urrrrrggghhhhhh!!!) because of the change in buying behavior (not because it’s a scarce resource).
In other words — WE caused the thing we feared to come true!

Looking at the shelves becoming eerily empty gave us such an apocalyptic vibe.

It further crystalized what I had been learning and was a stark reminder of this one weird rule of life:

What you focus on increases. (good or bad).
It manifests itself.

“A mindset of courage and optimism creates abundance.
A mindset of fear creates scarcity and inertia”.

Then I thought back to times when I’ve ‘worried myself sick’?
My fear of getting sick — made me sick!

I was certain as a kid there was a monster living in my closet.

In the dark corners, it would only come out to explore the house when everyone was asleep. If the media published this monster’s existence relentlessly, I wonder if the whole of society would start to believe it too.

After seeing what happened with toilet paper, an army of closet monsters could well be the next reality. A scarcity mindset can creep into relationships, dating, society, and life in general.

Well, it kind of already has.

Imagine you came up with a negative outcome you predicted for your life or relationship; you start behaving like it’s bound to happen. You look for evidence and find stuff that could be proof, but not really. Finally, things around you start to support your storyline. Your friend says something similar to the myth, then the partner seems more secretive lately, meaner, and so on. You build more and more evidence until a complete myth feels like reality.

This dangerous effect is demonstrated again in the popular Netflix show: Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel, a documentary that investigates the mysterious death of Elisa Lam. Many internet sleuths tried to investigate the death based on short video of her released to the public. The ‘sleuths’ drew all kinds of wild conclusions from the video of her in an elevator — seemingly talking to someone off-screen. They accused people who may have been at the hotel at the time of her murder (ruining some people’s lives). But (spoiler alert), in the end, her mental illness and not taking her meds, caused her unusual behavior and subsequent death. The fear of a murderer on the loose was a complete myth, but many people wasted years chasing their fantastical theories.

Like monsters in the closet, the fear of a heartless killer at the hotel is far more captivating than the truth. All of this reminds me that the mind is so, so powerful that the direction it’s pointed can make or break me, my life, and other people’s lives.

Lately, I’ve been trying out an abundance mindset, shifting the above thoughts to a more positive position, when I do my daily journal, here’s some examples:

  • “Meeting a life partner is a bonus, in the meantime, I will make sure my life is full and happy”.
  • “I have so many options! If this doesn’t work out, onto the next.”
  • “There is so much money in the world. All I have to do is make it and grow/invest what I make.”
  • “There are so many jobs out there; is this one right for me, or should I explore other opportunities? I could review my core values and see what else might be a fit for my true self.”

To guard against runaway fear there are a few techniques I use below. Next time you are afraid imagine you have a wand and you need to point it towards abundance, try the following:

  • Self-nourishment — daily practice of doing what makes you feel happy — fills wand with energy, vibrance and magic.
  • Ask yourself — am I OK right now? — checks if you have an old past history wand or a wand from the future that isn’t real.
  • Blessing lists — writing out daily lists of things you’re grateful for — focuses wand in a positive direction.
  • Check past memories — has this fear been overcome before? — if yes, supercharges wand with confidence.
  • What was the outcome? — points wand at result proven to be possible before.

I ask myself the following fear questions (to weed out irrational fears and things not within my control for better wand-pointing accuracy):

1. What am I afraid will happen if things don’t go well?
2. How true or realistic is this fear?
3. Can this be controlled anyway?
4. Is it worth the loss of sanity to try to control it?

Are you game for some mind-bending, mindset-shifting experiments?

  1. What kinds of experiences have helped you overcome unrealistic fears?
  2. If it comes to mind, try the techniques above and post your results in the comments! I’d love to hear how they helped and what happens next?

Thank you so much for reading. If you enjoyed this gem of insight, clap and clap some more, comment, and subscribe so you don’t miss a thing.


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